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Absorbent Underwear, also called Protective Underwear, Adult Pull-Ups and incontinence underwear are by far our biggest selling type of incontinence product.  These pull up diapers for adults are so popular because of price, ease of use, quality and nearly total security and discretion. Socially active wearers are moving from adult diapers to incontinence underwear because they are WAY more practical.  Protective underwear work well for people with light, moderate or even heavy urinary incontinence. Our best selling incontinence underwear is still the Prevail pull ups, while the most absorbent absorbent underwear is the Tranquility pull ups, which can hold up to 32 ounces of fluid.
Pull Ups for Adults, a Caregiver's Best Friend

Pull Ups for Adults, a Caregiver's Best Friend

The Incontinent Pants and Protective Underwear below are now highly favored by Caregivers of Incontinent Adults too. The Tranquility Premium Underwear that are absorbent enough for fecal incontinence, and the tear off sides, characteristic of all Pull On Diapers are often favored over traditional diapers. If you care for an older incontinent adult, you may also find Incontinence Underwear makes life easier for you too.
Adult Pull-Ups

Adult Pull-Ups

Tranquility Premium DayTime UnderwearTranquility Premium DayTime UnderwearOur Best Protective Underwear
Attends Overnight Protective UnderwearAttends Overnight Protective UnderwearHeavy Duty Pull On Diaper
Prevail Maximum Absorbency Protective UnderwearPrevail Maximum Absorbency Protective Underwear
Tranquility Premium Overnight UnderwearTranquility Premium Overnight UnderwearChoose the Best
DEPEND Underwear Maximum Absorbency for Men and WomenDEPEND Underwear Maximum Absorbency for Men and WomenWith Flex-Fit
DEPEND Refastenable Protective UnderwearDEPEND Refastenable Protective UnderwearHolds 28 ozs.
Attends Super Protective UnderwearAttends Super Protective Underwear New, Lower Price
SURECARE Protective UnderwearSURECARE Protective Underwear80/case for moderate to heavy leakage
TENA Protective Underwear Extra AbsorbencyTENA Protective Underwear Extra AbsorbencyAdvanced Leakage Protection
Prevail Extra-Absorbency Protective UnderwearPrevail Extra-Absorbency Protective UnderwearBest Seller
Sani Pants, Pull-On, Waterproof Cover UpSani Pants, Pull-On, Waterproof Cover UpWaterproof, Reusable Pull-On
Depend Real Fit Male ProUndDepend Real Fit Male ProUnd
Incontinent Pants & Protective Underwear

Incontinent Pants & Protective Underwear

Protective or Incontinence Underwear, are some of the most popular incontinence products on the market - And for good reason:  They provide moderate to heavy protection against urinary incontinence. All of our incontinent pants feature cloth-like panels which give the confident feel and fit of regular cloth pull on underwear. You pull them on and can pull them off, or tear them down the sides and remove the Protective Underwear without removing your clothes. Perhaps the greatest feature of incontinent pants and protective underwear is that they do not make noisy, plastic pants sounds, and they are often cooler to wear for greater comfort and greater dignity, thereby making them the perfect incontinence underwear for men, and for socially active women. For Light to Moderate Protection choose the Prevail Protective Underwear. Depend has Refastenable Pull-on underwear, as well the new Maximum Absorbent Protective Underwear for Men and Women. For Heavy Overnight Incontience Protection select the Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear or Attends Super Plus Incontinence Underwear. If you are looking for the plastic-coated, pull-on Salk Sani-Pants they are listed below also. Moisture proof Sani-Pants are worn over various incontinence products by some of our customers for added security.
Incontinence Underwear - Stay Dry - Feel Secure

Incontinence Underwear - Stay Dry - Feel Secure

Incontinence Underwear Pull On Underwear Incontinence Pants protective underwear
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