SURECARE Protective Underwear
SURECARE Protective Underwear
Men's Incontinence PantsSure Care Male Guard
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Surecare Protective Underwear are a must when you need Men's Incontinence Briefs designed for Moderate Bowel and Bladder Incontinence. These mens incontinence pants are made with stretchy breathable material and go on and off easily just like regular men's jockey shorts. SureCare Incontinence Briefs for Men have tear away sides for easy removal too. The cloth-like outer panels offer a real underwear feel and a close, dignified fit you'd expect in a male incontinence product.

Male Incontinence Products

We offer SureCare male incontinence underwear in 3 sizes and also have the Sure Care Guards for Men. The Male Guards work like an absorbent pad that slips into a pair of jockey briefs and is designed for light to moderate urinary leakage, while the SureCare Protective Underwear is much more absorbent and can handle bowel leakage too. Either way, Sure Care has a male urinary incontinence products to suit your needs.
Medium 20 Pcs/bag 4 bags/case (80 ct.)
Large 18 Pcs/bag 4 bags/case (72 ct.)
X-Lrg 14 Pcs/bag 4 bags/case (56 ct.)
Male Guard Guard Measures 6" x 13" (84 ct.)
Features Benefits
Cloth-Like Moisture Barrier Stays Cool and Dry
Elastic Gathers for Leakage Control Stops Leaks
Tear-Away Sides Super Fast Removal
Stretch Soft Material Smooth Discreet Fit
Moderate Urinary Incontinence Wicks Away Moisture
Male Guards are Special Order - Allow 2 Weeks Delivery 84 Pads per Box