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Bladder Pads So Reliable & Secure You Might Want to Marry One
That's Right! As a woman new to temporary or regular bladder leakage, you should demand comfort, reliability and confidence in a Bladder Control Pad, and that's what you'll get from our female incontinence pads like the Prevail Light Bladder Control Pads, which we don't hesitate to recommend to any woman needing immediate help with urge or stress urinary incontinence, because it's AN INCONTINENCE PAD THAT WOMEN TELL US WORKS for light, but highly inconvenient, bladder leakage. All our female incontinence pads offer comfort, dryness and odor control in a wide array of absorbency levels, but for first time users we emphasize the lighter incontinence pads to women with bladder leakage.

If you have ongoing, daily or larger urinary spills, be just as demanding, but consider a more absorbent female incontinence product like the Poise (below) or Prevail Pant Liners, which are every bit as form-fitting, secure and reliable. You'll just have to excuse the poor sense of humor.
Bladder Leakage Pads

Bladder Leakage Pads

Lightweight bladder control pads offer maximum absorption and protection with nimimal visibility.  Female incontinence products like Poise Bladder Control Pads draw urine away from the body and into the pad, thereby maintaining dryness, comfort, odor control and eliminating any hints of bladder leakage.  Urinary incontinence pads range from very light to ultimate absorption. There are longer bladder protection pads like the 15" Poise Ultimate Pads or Serenity Ultimate Absorbency pad. These larger pads are great for added protection but can still be worn with your own underwear.
Female Incontinence Products

Female Incontinence Products

Prevail, Bladder Control PadsPrevail, Bladder Control PadsBest Value Bladder Control Pad
Serenity DriActive Slender Absorbent PadSerenity DriActive Slender Absorbent Pad
Serenity DryActive Plus Absorbent PadSerenity DryActive Plus Absorbent Pad144/Box
Serenity Ultra, Bladder Protection PadsSerenity Ultra, Bladder Protection Pads
Serenity Ultimate Absorbent PadSerenity Ultimate Absorbent PadOvernight Pad
Attends Shaped Pads SuperAttends Shaped Pads Super
Poise Long Ultimate PadPoise Long Ultimate Pad16" Long
Poise Maximum PadPoise Maximum PadPoise Max Pads measures 12.5"
Tranquility TopLiner Booster PadTranquility TopLiner Booster PadTranquility Booster Pads will extend the period an adult diaper can be worn prior to changing. Save $$ with the Booster Pad. 200 Booster Pads per case.
Best Bladder Control Pads - We Recommend:

Best Bladder Control Pads - We Recommend:

Ask your doctor what urinary incontinence pads might be right for you.  All of the listed female incontinence pads will help to keep skin dry and prevent rashes.
For a very light absorbency pad, try the Serenity DryActive Pads.
Trouble finding a moderate absorbency pad to control odor and wetness, we suggest the Poise Maximum Absorbency, Long pad.
Our most economical bladder leakage products without sacrificing quality are the Bladder Control Pads by Prevail which are available in five absorbency levels.
If you need heavy bladder leakage protection our best seller is the Attends Super Shaped Pad.

Urine Pads vs. Period Pads?
We are often asked what's the difference between these two types of pads and can you use menstrual pads for bladder leakage?  The answer is "No," Our urinary incontinence pads are made to absorb more fluid much quicker than pads made exclusively for periods. Female incontinence products are specifically designed to ward off skin infection caused by urine and maintain dryness longer. For bladder leakage, ALWAYS make sure you select female urinary incontinence products.
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