Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pad
Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pad
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Tranquility Premium Super TopLiner Booster Pads extend the wear time of adult diapers and other incontinence products, so you can go longer between changes or waking up. The Super Pad can absorb up to 14.2 ounces of fluid before allowing additional fluid to pass through to the primary garment. The pad has an adhesive strip so you can adjust placement, for women this might be more toward the bottom and for men more towards the front of an adult diaper or protective underwear. 
This pad is not designed to be worn on its own.
Tranquility is widely know as the premier maker of  top quality incontinence products. 
We offer this pad in two sizes:
Super - 15" x 4.25"
Regular - 14" x 4" (regular size is by special order only) 
Both Pads come in a carton of 200 pads.
Super Top Liner Booster (2060) 15" x 4.25"
Regular Top Liner Booster (2070) Non-Stock 14" x 4"
Features Benefits
Flow Through Design Absorbs fluid before reaching the Primary Diaper
Clothlike Backsheet Comfortable and Quiet
Adhesive Strip for Added Security Stays Put in Garment
Latex Free No Skin Irritation
Can Hold 14.2 Ounces No More Nightime Leaks
Improves Fluid Capacity Extends wear time for uninterrupted sleep and activities
Prevents Leaks Limits diaper changes from top, side or bottom leaking