Waterproof Bed Pads
Caregivers: Waterproof Bed Pads are a must!

Disposable incontninence bed pads have to be in your closed If you are caring for a loved one.  Waterproof, disposable hospital bed pads can save your bedding, furniture, wheelchairs and car seats from accidents.  We carry several waterproof bed pads from top name manufacturers of varying sizes and absorbencies.  We provide more detailed recommendations below our list of hospital bed pads, or click on a specific waterproof bed pad for more detailed product information.

Hospital Bed Pads - 100% Free Shipping

Hospital Bed Pads - 100% Free Shipping

Beck's, Reusable Bedpads (SKU: BECFL71369GRN)Beck's, Reusable Bedpads (SKU: BECFL71369GRN)
Bed Pad ReUsable-XL (SKU: 805402)XL Reusable Bed Pad
Harmonie Underpad (SKU: SCA354)Harmonie Underpad (SKU: SCA354)200 23"x24" pads
Tena Harmonie Ultra Underpad (SKU: SCA357)Tena Harmonie Ultra Underpad (SKU: SCA357)Heavy Duty Underpads, 23" x 36," 100 count
Tendersorb Underpad by Kendall (SKU: KEN7174)Tendersorb Underpad by Kendall (SKU: KEN7174)Valu Pak has 150 Pads 23"x36"
Prevail Fluff Disposable Underpads (SKU: FIRUP-150)Prevail Fluff Disposable Underpads (SKU: FIRUP-150)Bed and chair pads 23" x 36" 150/box
Prevail Underpads Super Absorbency (SKU: FIRUP-100)Prevail Underpads Super Absorbency (SKU: FIRUP-100)Super Absorbent Air Bed Pads by Prevail in 2 sizes.
Dri-Sorb Plus Underpad (SKU: PAPUFP-300)Dri-Sorb Plus Underpad (SKU: PAPUFP-300)Large 30"x30" pad
Attends Night Preserver Underpad (SKU: PAPUFPP-360)Attends Night Preserver Underpad (SKU: PAPUFPP-360)Bed Wetting Underpads for Incontinent Adults.
Product Review - Waterproof Bed Pads

Product Review - Waterproof Bed Pads

Waterproof Bed Pads . . . because you are going to need to protect funiture and bedding! Caregivers for Mom and Dad better have some disposable incontinence bed pads on hand for when needed, even if you are not using them on a daily basis. Our Kendall Kendall Tendersorb Incontinence Bed Pads might be the most popular, but we've never had a complaint about the Attends Night Preserver waterproof bed pads either. A lot of our caregivers use the disposable bed pads as chair pads too, and why not, a disposable chair pads saves a lot of clean up time. Either way, you'll be fine with any of the hospital bed pads listed on this page. We've screened these disposable bed pads for years, and only carry the best. Our  Disposable Bed Pads come in various sizes like the 30" x 36" Prevail Super Absorbency incontinence bed pads or the smaller (and more affordable) 23" x 24" Attends Dri-Sorb bed pad (which is the perfect size for a chair pad). If you are most concerned about absorbency and getting the most absorbent and most secure Bed Pad available, you might want to go with the TENA Ultra underpad which you will find with all of our waterproof bed pads listed below. Customer service is always available at our toll-free number if you need assistance on our waterproof bed pads.