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Attends Incontinence Products Review
Heavy Absorbency Attends Incontinence Products for severe urinary or fecal incontinence:
The Attends DermaDry Briefs Extra Absorbent, the Attends Briefs Waistband Style and the Attends Bariatric Briefs (size 70"-90" waist) are our biggest selling Attends Briefs in the Heavy Absorbency category for severe incontinence.

Moderate to Heavy Absorbency Products (for those needing constant containment of fluid)
If you need absolute security from urinary incontinence in an absorbent brief get the Attends Breathable Brief (our biggest selling Attends Product) or if you prefer a pull-on style undergarment go with  Attends Super Protective Underwear.  The Attends Super Shaped Pads is another excellent alternative in this category and our second biggest seller of all-time!

Moderate Absorbency on a budget:
The regular Attends Briefs are one of the best values on the market in an adult diaper style brief.

Light to Moderate Absorbency (daily dribbling or occasional moderate leakage):
Order the Attends Belted Undergarments or the Ultra Plus Bladder Control Pads

Attends Incontinence Products:

Attends Incontinence Products:

Attends Overnight Protective UnderwearAttends Overnight Protective UnderwearHeavy Duty Pull On Diaper
Attends Breathable BriefsAttends Breathable BriefsAdult Diaper with Tabs.
Attends Care Poly BriefsAttends Care Poly BriefsAttends Briefs leak-proof adult diaper at wholesale adult diaper prices
Attends Super Protective UnderwearAttends Super Protective Underwear New, Lower Price
Attends Pads Day RegularAttends Pads Day RegularSpecial Order - Allow 2-3 weeks Delivery
Attends Shaped Pads SuperAttends Shaped Pads Super
Attends Belted UndergarmentAttends Belted UndergarmentAttends Undergarments belted urinary incontinence pads for excellent absorbency and odor control.
Attends Advanced, DermaDry BriefsAttends Advanced, DermaDry BriefsBowel Incontinence Diapers
Attends Ultra Plus Bladder Control PadsAttends Ultra Plus Bladder Control PadsAttends Ultra Plus Bladder Control Pads for female urinary incontinence.
Attends XXXL Bariatric DiaperAttends XXXL Bariatric DiaperAttends XXXL Fits to 90" waist, for heavy overnight incontinence protection.
Attends Night Preserver UnderpadAttends Night Preserver UnderpadBed Wetting Underpads for Incontinent Adults.
Attends Disposable WashclothsAttends Disposable WashclothsHuge PRICE REDUCTION can ship today for free.
Dri-Sorb Plus UnderpadDri-Sorb Plus UnderpadLarge 30"x30" pad
Dri-Sorb UnderpadDri-Sorb Underpad200 count, 23"x24" chair & bed pads

Attends Adult Diapers & Attends Protective Underwear

Our Attends Briefs, protective underwear, pads and Attends diapers are delivered in discreet shipping cases for your privacy and dignity. All Attends Diapers are Latex Free. Attends incontinence products are engineered to absorb and contain urine using a variety of unique systems that make them excellent choices for your adult incontinence needs.

Attends Size Regular! Our Regular size Attends diapers have the length of a medium brief and the width of an Attends Large. More people fit into this size Attends briefs than the Attends large, and typically a Regular will cost 5-15% less than a large Attends brief.

Attends Protective pull up underwear: Attends Pull-Up Underwear are for people who enjoy and active social lifestyle, but have moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. Worn under clothing like regular underwear, Attends Protective Underwear provides a slim profile, comfortable stretch waistband and excellent skin dryness and leak prevention.

We carry a full line of Attends Adult Diapers and Attends Briefs to suit all lifestyles and sizing needs. For heavy to severe urinary and/or fecal incontinence choose the Attends DermaDry Briefs Extra Absorbent, with the triple-tier moisture locking system. For socially active people with heavy urinary incontinence choose the Attends Super Absorbency Underwear or the Attends Shaped Pads Super which are extremely popular with our female customers.

More About Our Attends Adult Briefs

The use of Adult Diapers and incontinence plastic pants used to be extremely uncomfortable. Now, with new technology; incontinence diapers can be discreet; no one has to know. Attends has created thinner undergarments that are a healthier more comfortable type of incontinence briefs that keep you dry and oder free. If you are bowel or urine incontinent, you may find our Attends Adult Briefs a comfortable fit. For those of you who seek additional support, check our Plastic Pull On Pants by clicking here.

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