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Belted Incontinence Shields Will Save You Money

Disposable Belted Undergarments

Simply put, Belted diapers and incontinence shields can save you a significant amount of money over other kinds of incontinence products.  We have incontinence shields as low as $0.45/pad vs. comperable products at over $1.00+ apiece.  Disposable belted incontinence shields have always been a top seller for the active individual dealing with moderate forms of urinary incontinence, but costlier absorbent underwear type products can cost over $1.15 each - If you use 4 changes/day you'll be saving over $1,000/year!  Belted diapers are still a great value-buy, and are extremely comfortable and easy to use.  They are a good substitution for regular underwear for the incontinent indivudual and prefered more by women with stress and urge incontinence. We carry belted incontinence pads by Prevail, Tena (see video) and Attends and consider them to be some of  the best belted incontinence shields on the market.
Disposable Belted Underwear:

Disposable Belted Underwear:

Attends Belted Undergarment (SKU: PAPBU0600)Attends Belted Undergarment (SKU: PAPBU0600)Attends Undergarments belted urinary incontinence pads for excellent absorbency and odor control.
Prevail Belted Incontinence Pads (SKU: FIRPV-324)Prevail Belted Incontinence Pads (SKU: FIRPV-324)
MAXICARE Belted Undergarments (SKU: KEN171B10)MAXICARE Belted Undergarments (SKU: KEN171B10)Kendall Maxicare Super Absorbency Belted Undergarment for heavy urinary incontinence protection.
TENA Belted Undergarment (SKU: SCA62900)TENA Belted Undergarment (SKU: SCA62900)120 pair/case
Our Recommendations:

Our Recommendations:

Although the Belted Diapers & Shields are often designed for Moderate urinary incontinence, they offer a more discreet and comfortable fit for the socially active wearer. Active customers looking for a comfortable, dignified, yet discreet belted  product should try the Prevail Belted Shields. This disposable belted undergarment is styled with the look and fit of regular cloth underwear, with reusable belts and a soft cloth-like outer cover and easy pull-on style. The soft, quiet, clothlike facing and backing provide comfort, dignity and discreet protection for the active individuals. As mentioned above, belted pads are also one of the best Values on the market. For instance our Attends, Prevail and Kendall Maxicare Belted Undergarments all sell for less than $0.45 per belted pad! Since all the disposable incontinence shields shown below come 120 belted shields per case, the Attends Disposable Belted Undergarments represent the best value, and especially so when you add in our Free Delivery via FedEx.  Belted incontinence products typically can hold about 12-15 ounces of fluid.  See the individual product pages for more specific information or conctact us with any comments:

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