Sani Pants, Pull-On, Waterproof Cover Up
Sani Pants, Pull-On, Waterproof Cover Up
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This is the Sani Pants brand Water Proof, Adult Diaper Cover. Sani-Pants are used by Men and Women, and are designed to provide added security and leak protection when worn over adult diapers, pads and other absorbent products. Plastic Pants for Adults like the Sani-Pants have no absorbency properties themselves, but rather are used as a support for most disposable urinary incontinence products, and caregivers that have dealt with leaks/spills buy serveral pair of these. 

Sani-Pants are made of soft, plastic-coated nylon and are fairly long-lasting. Choose your size carefully - Sani Pants are NON-REFUNDABLE, and tend to run a bit on the large side.  
Although they are made to be machine washed, most customers line-dry them for longer life. 

Small 22" - 28" waist
Medium 30" - 36" waist
Large 38" - 44" waist
X-Large 46" - 52" waist
XXL 54" - 64" waist Spcl Order
Sani Pants Customers Love Them
One Brief per Package Five Sizes for Better Fit (runs a bit big)
Made of Soft, White Plastic - Coated Nylon No Crinkling Noise
Lightweight Yet Strong - Will Not Tear Reusable - Long Lasting
Machine Washable Buy Extras - Rotate on Laundry Day
100% Leak Proof, Elastic Leg Gathers Stop Embarrassing Accidents & Protect Bedding and Furniture
Pulls on Like Underwear EZ to use - No Snaps
100% Free Shipping Buy a Few Pair and $AVE