DEPEND Refastenable Protective Underwear
DEPEND Refastenable Protective Underwear
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Adult Protective Underwear such as DEPEND Adjustable Underwear can be changed without fully disrobing. Depend Protective Underwear is an outstanding consumer preference. This adult protective underwear product can absorb up to 28 ozs. of fluid. Cloth-like breathable cover material is soft and quiet.

Pre-fastened in the bag for easy step-in/slip-on. Depend designed this adult protective underwear product to be changed easily by user OR, caregive, if such be the case. Simply put on than re-adjust tabs. Slim fitting discreet design disappears under clothing. Users can change to a fresh pair of Adjustable Underwear without removing clothes.

Color White
Sm/Med 54 pcs/case 3 pkgs/case
Lrg/X-Lrg 48 pcs/case 3 pkgs/case
Features Benefits
Adult Protective Underwear
Ideal for Users and Caregivers
"No ""Plasticky"" feel"
"No ""Crinkly"" Sound for Greater Discretion"
Protects Like a Regular Fitted Brief (Absorbs 28 ozs.)
Select One of Two Sizes