Adult Cloth Diaper
Adult Cloth Diaper
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This is the actual adult cloth diaper, rare and extremely difficult to find. The Adult Cloth Diapers by Western Textile is fastened with real safety pins (not included), and provides a snug fit. The adult cloth diaper is made of two-ply Birdseye Cotton which is very soft and comfortable. The diaper also has a Polyester/Rayon soaker which provides excellent absorbancy and keeps the wearer dry. Similar adult cloth diapers sell for over $30/each on other websites, if you can find them. As you can imagine, this product is difficult to keep in stock.  

This Product is out of stock.  Please check later for availability.

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Features Benefits
Prices Slashed
Diaper Uses Real Safety Pins
Two-Ply Birdseye Cotton
Soaker Pad for Extra Absorbency
Adult Diaper sizes S & L
Totally Reusable/Washable
100% FREE Shipping
Adult Cloth Diaper