TENA Skin Caring Wash Cream
TENA Skin Caring Wash Cream
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This amazing new product actually cleans, moisturizes and protects in one easy step. Ordinary cleansers can actually harm the skin by drying it out thereby leaving skin succeptable to breakdown and disease. TENA Skin Caring Cream maintains skin integrity and skin's natural protective mantle by leaving a small protective lipid film on the skin.
8.5 Fluid oz. 3 Pack for $24.95
8.5 Fluid oz. 10 Bottle/Case $59.90
Features Benefits
"Buy the 8.5 oz. size - 3 Tubes for $24.95, or by the Bulk Sizes"
Convenient to Use
Maintains Skin Integrity
"Controls Odor, Leaves a Fresh Scent"
Provides Effective Cleansing