Attends Advanced, DermaDry Briefs
Attends Advanced, DermaDry Briefs
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Bowel Incontinence Diapers like Attends Advanced Briefs (formerly called "Breathable Briefs or Derma Dry) with Derma Dry technology, are one of the most absorbent Fecal Incontinence Products on the market. Bowel Incontinence Products like the Attends Advanced Briefs offer Odor Shield, Triple Leakage Protection and Supersorb Dryness Layers, which are all characteristics of Attends Advanced Briefs and a must for skin health.

Fecal Incontinence Products Like these, and the Attends Briefs, have the Advanced DermaDry Technology which features clothlike, Premium Softness, Breathable Fabric and Rapid Lock, Dual Absorbent Core panels which combine to lock in wetness for ultimate dryness and comfort - all characteristics you should Demand in products for bowel incontinence.

Our Attends faecal incontinence pants are also available in size Regular, which has the width of a size Large and the length of a Medium size brief, offering an economical savings, but allow two weeks for delivery of this bowel incontinence product in size Reg.

Med 32-44" 96 per case
Reg 44-56" 80 per case
Large 44-58" 72 per case
XLrg 58-63" 60 per case
Features Benefits
Odor Shield Minimize Unpleasant Odor
Triple Leakage Protection Eliminates Leakage
SuperSorb Dryness Layer Maximizes Dryness
Comfort Flex -Tabs Won't Scratch Skin
Breathable Fabric Improves Skin Health
Tabs Connect Anywhere on Brief Maximize Proper Fit