Breezers by Prevail
Breezers by Prevail
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Breezers by Prevail, All-in-one-diaper achieved the highest ratings from Cargivers for Breathability, Leakage Control, Skin Dryness and Fit, making it a true, "All In One Diaper." Breezers are thick adult diapers, ideal for heavy incontinence protection for urinary and fecal incontinence.

The higher absorbency rating of the Brezers by Prevail makes it one of the better adult diapers for bed. Breezers by Prevail are an excellent value heavey duty adult diaper and has odor control and breathable zones which help skin dryness and health.

Throw in free home delivery and you can't beat the Prevail Breezers, all in one diaper for fit, comfort and performance.

Medium 6 bags of 16 (96 ct)
Large 4 bags of 18 (72 ct)
X-Lrg 4 bags of 15 (60 ct)
Features Benefits
All-In-One Diaper
Cloth-Like Outer
Odor Control
EZ-Lock Fastener
Quick Wicking
A Heavy Duty Adult Diaper
For Fecal Incontinence
Free Home Delivery