Poise Pads Review
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Poise Pads, the Poise brand of incontinence pads by Depend, have recently been reformatted and have newer packaging. Poise now has Incontinence Pads in five basic absorbency levels as follows (Poise Pads Review, in order of absorbency level):
  • Very Light
  • Ultra Thin
  • Moderate
  • Maximum
  • Ultimate
Select Your Poise Pads:

Select Your Poise Pads:

Poise Moderate Absorbency PadsPoise Moderate Absorbency PadsModerate Absorbency, measures 10.9", great case prices.
Poise Moderate LongPoise Moderate LongPad Measures 12.4", choose 96 or 215 pack
Prevail, Bladder Control PadsPrevail, Bladder Control PadsBest Value Bladder Control Pad
Poise Long Ultimate PadPoise Long Ultimate Pad16" Long
Poise Ultimate PadPoise Ultimate Pad15.6" Overnight-use Pad
Poise Ultra Thin Panty LinerPoise Ultra Thin Panty LinerUltra Thins Pads measure 9.3" long, 208 Pantiliners per case.
Poise Maximum Absorbency Long PadPoise Maximum Absorbency Long PadMaximum Absorbency Long Pad measures 14" Long, 78 pads/ case.
Poise Maximum PadPoise Maximum PadPoise Max Pads measures 12.5"
Poise Panty LinerPoise Panty LinerPoise Panty Liners, 7.5," 208 panty liners per case.
Poise Pads Review:

Poise Pads Review:

Poise Pads Moderate, Maximum and Ultimate come in a "regular" and "long" pad size. As well, the Moderate Pads and the Moderate Long Pads pads come in two case sizes. Click on the particular incontinence pad listed below for more information on that Poise Pad.

Poise Incontinence Pads feature super absorbent granules which have a higher capacity to absorb urine and odors, locking them away for long lasting odor protection. Each Poise Incontinence Pad has the patented Leak-Block Sides, Dry-Touch Layer and Absorb-Loc Core.

Poise Pads offer superior Light to Moderate protection from urinary incontinence. The Poise Moderate Long Pads offer extra coverage and are proven 3 times drier than leading period-only maxipads.

Whether you're experiencing Light Bladder Leakage or menopause, Poise  has products to help you feel your best, and stay dry all day - with Poise Pads.

In need of a more absorbent incontinence pad? Try our Female Incontinence Products, page for all of our female incontinence pads and guards.

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