Prevail Male Guard
Prevail Male Guard
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Male Incontinence Pads, like the Prevail Male Guard is designed specifically for Light to Moderate Male Urinary Incontinence. The contoured fit is designed specially to fit as a mens incontinence underwear pad, and is designed to be worn inside regular jockey briefs.

Mens Incontinence Underwear products like these male guards are becoming bigger sellers as they become the "go to" solution for both pre and post surgical prostate incontinence. We sell a lot of Prevail Guards because they are great fitting mens incontinence underwear pads, and of course you can't beat prices.

For protection from Moderate to Heavier types of Incontinence we recommend using Adult Pull Ups, like Prevail Protective Underwear, that pull up and down like regular jockey briefs but can absorb a lot more fluid than any male guard.

  • Male Incontinence Pads
  • Soft Cloth-Like Backsheet
  • Adhesive Strip Keeps Guard in Place
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Can be Changed Quickly, Easily
Color White
125 Pcs/case 9 bags of 14