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Plastic Pants and Incontinence Panties
Adult Incontinence Supplies and Accessories

Adult Incontinence Supplies and Accessories

Adult Plastic Pants, also called diaper covers, incontinence wet wipes and adult incontinence supplies like Elastic Mesh Pants or Knit pants for use with your Pant Liners or Absorbent Pads. These are the "Elastic Pants" part of the Pad and Pant system, so if you are buying the Pads or Liners remember the mesh or knit pants in various sizes. And all of these accessories are available with free UPS Shipping. Some customers prefer to use our adult plastic pants, like Sani-Pants pulled up over their absorbent pad, liner or adult diaper. We carry the pull-on style Sani- Plastic Pants in four sizes. These plastic-coated, diaper covers are made to last and are totally reusable. Plastic Pants are one of the biggest sellers on this site. Absorbent Underpads & Bedpads are always necessary if nighttime incontinence is a problem, and our disposable washcloths are a must for anyone who demands that just-bathed feel. We offer several brands and sizes of incontinence wet wipes, and you can find all or our disposable wash clothes listed below. TENA Skin Caring Lotion is great for cleaning up and leaves skin feeling fresh, not dried out . . . think of a combination hand cleanser and hand lotion - a great new product! If you are a new caregiver, you might want to have Tena Skin Caring Lotion and disposable wash clothes on hand.

If you are looking for our  Disposable Wet Wipes for incontinence, they are here.
Plastic Pants & Disposable Washclothes

Plastic Pants & Disposable Washclothes

Select Your Incontinence Supplies:

Select Your Incontinence Supplies:

Salk Sani-Pant Pull-OnSalk Sani-Pant Pull-OnSalk Sani-Pant, diaper plastic pants, 100% moisture proof, free delivery.
Cotton & Mesh PantsWomens' Cotton & Mesh Control Pants for use with incontinent pads.
DuroMed Pull-OnDuroMed Pull-OnDuromed Adult Plastic Pants, completely leakproof vinyl pants.
Prevail WashclothsPrevail WashclothsLarge disposable cloth diapering wipes by Prevail contain aloe for excellent skin care.
TENA Ultra Disposable WashclothsTENA Ultra Disposable Washcloths12 Packs of 48 Wipes
TENA Comfort Pants, 24-pacTENA Comfort Pants, 24-pacTENA Comfort Pants
Adult Cloth DiaperAdult Cloth DiaperA real 100% adult cloth diaper priced lower than anyplace you will find on the internet.
Underpads for Beds click here.
Ladies, if these products aren't quite what you need, may we suggest the outstanding value of our Serenity Pads which you can find by clicking here.
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