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Kendall Covidian Diapers
Top-Seller for Caregivers

Top-Seller for Caregivers

The Kendall - Covidian incontinence products sell well for two main reasons:
1. They tend to fit-well which means minimal leaking
2. They are some of the most economically priced adult diapers and incontinence products on the market
For those two reasons these products are highly favored by caregivers for use on homebound and institutionalized loved ones.

Our biggest selling Covidian products are the adult diapers - Simplicity Brief and the Wings Plus Choice Brief. All three Kendall Diapers sell pretty well.
Select Your Kendall Covidian Diapers

Select Your Kendall Covidian Diapers

SURECARE Protective UnderwearSURECARE Protective Underwear80 Pair Underwear/Case
MAXICARE Belted UndergarmentsMAXICARE Belted UndergarmentsOne Size, 120/Case
Kendall Wings HL 3D Adult DiaperKendall Wings HL 3D Adult DiaperKendall Adult Diapers
Kendall Wings Choice Adult BriefKendall Wings Choice Adult BriefMedium has 96 Briefs
Covidien Wings Choice Plus Quilted BriefCovidien Wings Choice Plus Quilted Brief
Wings Pre-Moistened WashclothsWings Pre-Moistened Washcloths512 count, 13" x 9.5" Washcloths
Tendersorb Underpad by KendallTendersorb Underpad by KendallValu Pak has 150 Pads 23"x36"
Wings Pad and Pant SystemWings Pad and Pant SystemControl Grament sold separately.
PRESENCE Bladder Control PadsPRESENCE Bladder Control PadsRegular, Super or Super Plus pads
More Kendall Diapers and Incontinence Briefs

More Kendall Diapers and Incontinence Briefs

Kendall offers a comprehensive line of incontinence briefs to meet every level of incontinence, from moderate to maximum protection. Backed by a long tradition of excellence in product development and customer support, Kendall Diapers like the Wings Briefs product line represents the latest innovations in materials and technology for superior comfort, security and convenience for both the wearer and the caregiver. For example, the Kendall Wings HL 3D Adult Brief incontinence product and the Simplicity Incontinence Briefs, have both been redesigned with a new, more comfortable fit, increased absorbency and new, DuraSoft, cloth-like back sheet (Wings HL only). The Kendall Surecare Protective Underwear have been a great seller for many years, due in part to their slim fit, reliability and convenience. And the Tyco Kendall Tenderesorb Underpad is a great underpad for moderate absorption at a great price. The Wings Briefs and Kendall Incontinence Briefs like the Simplicity Plus 3D are the best selling Kendall diapers and have been for several years. These are great, reliable products and are priced right for immediate delivery.
For Heavy Duty incontinence protection don't forget to review the products on our Tranquility Incontinence Products page.
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