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Gait Belts
Gate Belts for Caregiver Safety

Gate Belts for Caregiver Safety

Gait Belts should be available to all individuals and Caregivers who help transfer or walk an unsteady or confused loved one.  Our transfer belts that are the same Physical Therapy gait belts used by the professionals for caregiver safety.  When used properly, gait belts can save a care giver months of back pain and possibly avoid a devestating fall by a loved one or patient.

We recommend caregivers become familiar with proper use of a gait belt safety by viewing some of the great how-to videos on, such as this "gait belts, safety and instruction" video.
Gait Belt

Gait Belt

Gait Belt
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Gait Belts are an absolute necessity for cargivers who ever have to help transfer and unsteady or un-ambulatory adult.  Our Gait Belt is a Skil-Care, standard webbing, 60 inch belt with a metal buckle and light colored pastel stripe.  Every hospital and physical therapist use gait belts to help stand up, or walk a patient for both safety and security.  Gait belts effectively add a "handle" to a patients waist, dramatically reducing the risk of back injury to the caregiver.  We at TheIncontinenceStore, recommend using gait belts for standing a patient while bedding or a diaper is being changed.  This transfer aid is worth it's weight in gold.
Features Benefits
60" Gait Belt
2" Wide
Metal Buckle
Extremely Durable
"Pastel Stripe" Color
Volume Pricing Available
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