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Belted Underwear

Disposable Belted Undergarments

For moderate protection from urinary incontinence, the belted Disposable Underwear are some of the most traditional and trusted products around, and Prevail, Tena and Attends make the best belted undergarments on the market.
Disposable Belted Underwear:

Disposable Belted Underwear:

TENA Belted Undergarment (SKU: SCA62900)TENA Belted Undergarment/ Incontinence Plastic Pants
MAXICARE Belted Undergarments (SKU: KEN171B10)One Size, 120/Case
Prevail Belted Shields (SKU: FIRPV-324)120ct. Value Pak
Attends Belted Undergarment (SKU: PAPBU0600)
Belted Underwear, Recommendations:

Belted Underwear, Recommendations:

Although the Belted Undergarments are often designed for Moderate to Heavy Incontinence, they offer a more discreet and comfortable fit for the socially active wearer. Active customers looking for a comfortable, dignified, yet discreet belted underwear product should try the Prevail Belted Shields (the disposable underwear pictured above). This disposable belted undergarment is styled with the look and fit of regular cloth underwear, with reusable belts and a soft cloth-like outer cover and easy pull-on style. The soft, quiet, clothlike facing and backing provide comfort, dignity and discreet protection for the active individuals. Belted Undergarments are also one of the best Values on the market. For instance our Attends, Prevail and Kendall Maxicare Belted Undergarments all sell for less than $0.45 per belted undergarment! Since all the disposable underwear shown below come 120 belted shields per case, the Attends Disposable Belted Undergarments represent the best value, and especially so when you add in our Free Delivery via FedEx.
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