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Fitted Adult Diapers
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Our Fitted Adult Diapers and Fitted Diaper Briefs are considered the most absorbent and highly regarded fitted adult briefs available. The fitted adult briefs sold here are the most protective products for the adult experiencing fecal incontinence, bladder incontinence or both.  We know you want to eliminate wetness, demand a comfortable fit, wear with confidence and that's what ALL of these fitted adult diapers Deliver.

Although all of our fitted adult diaper briefs are quality products, we still carry a few cheap adult diapers (cheap in price only) that are favored by institutional buyers and customers on fixed incomes who still demand the most absorbent fitted diaper briefs. If you need protection from bladder incontinence or more, the perfect cheap adult diaper may be the Prevail Nu-Fit Incontinence Briefs, because of their low price and high quality.
Our Driest and Most Comfortable Adult Briefs

Our Driest and Most Comfortable Adult Briefs

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Order Today - Wear with Confidence Tomorrow

Order Today - Wear with Confidence Tomorrow

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Tranquility ATN Disposable Adult BriefTranquility ATN Disposable Adult BriefPriced Slashed and Tranquility All-Through-The-Night adult diapers, the Cadillac of incontinence products.
Attends  BriefsAttends BriefsAttends Briefs leak-proof adult diaper at wholesale adult diaper prices
Prevail IB Plastic Backed DiaperPrevail IB Plastic Backed DiaperPlastic Backed Adult Diapers by Prevail, size youth thru XL with free Delivery
Nu Fit Adult DiaperNu Fit Adult DiaperPrevail Nu Fit Adult Diapers are one of the best values on the market for bladder and bowel incontinence in adults.
Attends Breathable BriefAttends Breathable BriefAttends Breathable Briefs offers superior leakage protection against adult incontinence.
Per-Fit Adult BriefsPer-Fit Adult Briefs72 Briefs (Lrg)
Kendall Wings Choice Adult BriefKendall Wings Choice Adult BriefKendall Wings Choice Adult Briefs, hypoallergenic adult diapers, wholesale priced.
Covidien Wings Choice Plus Quilted BriefCovidien Wings Choice Plus Quilted BriefWings Choice Quilted Adult Briefs for incontinence protection and odor control.
DEPEND Fitted Maximum ProtectionDEPEND Fitted Maximum ProtectionDepends Maximum Protection adult fitted diapers for complete bladder control loss.
Kendall Wings HL 3D Adult DiaperKendall Wings HL 3D Adult DiaperKendall Wings Adult Diapers for Heavy Bladder and Bowel Incontinence.
Attends DermaDry Briefs - Extra AbsorbentAttends DermaDry Briefs - Extra AbsorbentAttends DermaDry Complete incontinence Briefs available in 5 sizes for a custom fit.
Breezers by PrevailBreezers by PrevailPrevail Breezers Adult Diapers for Bed are the perfect all-in-one-diaper.
TENA Stretch UltraTENA Stretch Ultra72 Ultra Stretch Briefs/Case
Tena Super BriefTena Super BriefMaximum Absorbency Overnight Brief
Attends Briefs Waistband StyleAttends Briefs Waistband StyleAttends Briefs Waistband Style, adult fitted brief for heavy protection agains fecal and urinary incontinence.
TENA XL Adult BriefTENA XL Adult Brief72/case Fits up to 64" waist
Attends XXL Bariatric DiaperAttends XXL Bariatric DiaperAttends XXL Bariatric adult diaper Fits to 90" waist size, for heavy overnight incontinence protection.
Tranquility XXL Adult BriefTranquility XXL Adult BriefBariatric Adult Brief
Salk Sani-Pant Pull-OnSalk Sani-Pant Pull-OnSalk Sani-Pant, diaper plastic pants, 100% moisture proof, free delivery.

Fitted Adult Briefs, Our Most Absorbent Products

Our most absorbent fitted adult diapers are the Tranquility ATN fitted briefs, and the TENA Stretch Brief. If you need a maximum absorbency brief in sizes through XL try our recently added Tena Super Brief which is another great extended wear diaper. Our most competitively priced fitted adult briefs are the Prevail Nu-Fit adult briefs. If you demand Heavy protection against fecal incontinence with a cloth-like feel order the Kendall-Covidien Simplicity Brief or the Prevail Per-Fit fitted briefs, which may offer the best combination of cost and quality if you need cheap adult diapers that protect like the best diaper briefs.

Some customers like to wear the plastic diaper covers over their fitted adult diaper briefs. For extra protection against bladder incontinence we recommend the Prevail IB Fitted Briefs, one of our best adult diapers worn under the Salk Sani-Pant.

Remember, All of our Fitted Briefs have cloth-like outer panels, EXCEPT the Prevail IB adult briefs which still have the traditional plastic outer cover, but all of our adult diapers are latex free. All these great adult diapers & fitted briefs are listed below:

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